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In 1999, the predecessor of Qunbo Company, "Qunbo Plastic Products Factory" was established, mainly producing PS and PVC blister shoe materials;

2000·Signed with large-scale brand shoe factories such as Xingang Group, Xingxiong Group, Xinxing Group, Fuguiniao, etc.

2001·Begin to enter the food packaging field, produce PP fresh trays, and begin to distribute in the circulation market

In 2002, the self-developed lunch box product obtained the first patent, quickly leading the industry product design standard

In 2004, "Shenzhen Qunbo Industrial Co., Ltd." was registered and established in Shenzhen, Guangdong

In 2006, the wholly-owned company "Wuhu Kangxiang New Materials Co., Ltd." was established in Wuhu, Anhui with an investment of 30 million yuan. In the same year, it entered Wal-Mart (China) and began to formally enter large supermarket chains

In 2007, entered the national distribution system of Xinyijia supermarket;

In 2008, entered the BBK supermarket;

In 2009, products entered RT-Mart (China), Tesco (China), CP Lotus (China)

2010·Become a supplier of Mengniu Dairy Group and explore new areas of food industry

In 2011, entered Hutchison Whampoa's ParknShop and Shandong Jiajiayue

In 2012, entered Beijing Hualian, Miss Food, Pastry King, Ajisen (China), Yonghe King and other chains;

2013 High-end products fully entered the Hong Kong market

In 2014, entered Shuanghui Group, Tangrenshen Group, Meiyi Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, and began to enter the packaging of agricultural and animal husbandry products;

In 2015, entered Haidilao factory, Auchan (China) Metro (China), Yonghui Supermarket, Suguo, etc.

In 2016, invested 10 million in Huizhou to establish a wholly-owned company "Huizhou Qunbo New Material Co., Ltd.". In the same year, it signed a contract with three large food factories such as squirrels, a good shop, and auspicious wonton;

In 2017, he entered China Resources Vanguard, China Resources O"le, China Resources Wufeng, Carrefour (China), and Aunt Qian.