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"Food plastic packaging"-a food safety issue that we cannot ignore!

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"Food plastic packaging"-a food safety issue that we cannot ignore!

With the acceleration of the pace of life, more and more young people prefer "fast food" food, such as: steamed buns, soy milk, fried dough sticks, tofu noodles, rice porridge, etc. on the roadside, not to mention the safety of the food itself, just take them away Plastic bags, have you ever paid attention to its safety?

The hidden safety problems of plastic food packaging bags

Food-related plastic packaging includes food wrap, food packaging bags, plastic water cups, lunch boxes, tableware, etc. When food plastic packaging comes in contact with food, harmful substances in it may migrate to the food.

Plastic is a compound formed by the polymerization of a large number of small molecular units through covalent bonds. Among them, those composed solely of high molecular polymers are called resins, and after adding additives, they become plastics. Generally, plastic packaging bags are divided into two categories according to their uses: one is food-grade packaging bags, which are made of polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and melamine and other raw materials. They are non-toxic and can be used for packaging. Food; one category is non-food grade packaging bags. Plastic bags made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are poisonous and cannot be used as food packaging bags. There are also recycled waste plastic products with various colors. Recycled plastic bags cannot be used as food packaging bags.

The main reason for food safety problems is the use of non-food grade plastic bags as food packaging. The main problems are:

1. To produce raw materials, plastic bags must undergo high-temperature melting treatment. In order to reduce costs, many companies will add some waste plastics or even add some poor-quality pigments. These pigments may contain heavy metals such as lead and cadmium, which reduce plastics. The safety of the bag.

2. Additives are used in the production process. Some plasticizers, stabilizers, flame retardants and other substances may be added in the production process of plastic bags. If they are absorbed by the human body, they are not good for health.

3. Use ink. Ink may be used to paint some words and patterns on plastic bags. There may be harmful ingredients such as benzene in the ink. If these substances contaminate food, they will also cause certain harm to the body.

Use plastic bags to hold high-temperature, fatty foods, such as hot buns, soy milk, fried dough sticks, tofu nao, etc. When plastic bags encounter high temperatures or come into contact with fatty foods, harmful substances such as plasticizers may melt out and enter the food. It enters the human body through food and is harmful to health. Plastic bag + high temperature + grease = poisonous!

Do you know the meaning of the number on the bottom of the plastic bottle?

"1"——PET (polyethylene terephthalate), commonly used in the production of mineral water bottles and carbonated beverage bottles. The heat resistance is only 70°C. It is easy to deform when loaded with high-temperature liquid or heated, and harmful substances to the human body can be dissolved. . Therefore, beverage bottles should not be used as water cups or storage containers.



“4”—— LDPE(低密度聚乙烯),一般用于保鲜膜、塑料膜等,耐热性不强,通常在温度超过110℃时出现热熔现象,微波炉加热时一定要取下来。

“5”——P(聚丙烯),这是唯一能放入微波炉中加热的塑料材质,熔点高达167 ℃,可以重复使用,一般这种产品都会标注“微波专用”,其盒盖一般是“6”号“PS”材质,微波时取下盒盖。





1. 不用塑料袋装熟食,尤其是不要用彩色塑料袋盛装熟食,彩色塑料袋属于再生塑料袋,使用的着色剂通常含有苯并芘,它是一种很强的致癌物,与食品接触后,可能转移到食品中,进而有害健康。另外,食物的温度越高,油脂越多,塑料袋中的有害物质熔出的越多。

2. 果蔬保鲜尽可能用正规的保鲜袋或保鲜膜,正规合格的保鲜袋或保鲜袋具有较好的透气性和安全性,氧气可以流通,可有效阻止厌氧菌繁殖,而普通塑料袋达不到保鲜的目的;

3. 普通塑料包装袋尽量不要放入微波炉里加热,普通塑料膜含有增塑剂,在加热过程中很容易释放出来。微波炉加热食品时,要选用带有“微波炉专用”的包装容器。

4. Don’t put a plastic bag on the bowl to hold hot food. To save trouble, some vendors on the road often put a plastic bag on the bowl, and then hold hot and sour noodles, tofu noodles, noodles and other foods. In fact, this It is a very unhealthy behavior. Harmful substances in plastic bags are easy to precipitate when exposed to high temperature and grease, which is not good for health.

5. Instead of using plastic bottles for oil, use glass, ceramic, stainless steel and other utensils to hold edible oil as much as possible.

Finally, it is recommended to use less or no plastic bags for food, especially for hot or hot food. From the perspective of environmental protection, it is recommended to bring environmentally friendly shopping bags when shopping to reduce the use of plastic bags, and pay attention to the classification and recycling of garbage bags. If you have used plastic bags to store food before, don’t worry too much. As long as the harmful substances do not exceed the national standards, they will not cause harm to the human body, and the human body has the metabolic function of plasticizers and other harmful substances. Don't worry too much about taking large amounts.

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